Two tone Tree of Life pendant with emerald

The History and Meaning of The Celtic Tree of Life

One of the Celtic design classics that can be incorporated into stunning jewellery pieces is the Celtic Tree of Life. This is a design that manages the feat of being complex and simple simultaneously. Of course, it is beautiful too. It is this mix of attributes that makes it a perfect design to adorn any […]

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Harp Pendant

The Harp – Ireland’s Iconic Symbol Explained

The Harp is an ancient musical instrument which has also become an iconic symbol of Ireland. Indeed, the Harp has the honour of being the official symbol of Ireland, despite many people believing that it is the shamrock that holds this distinction. This versatile symbol has graced much of what Ireland is famous for – […]

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Celtic Trinity Knot pendant

The Trinity Knot – The Ultimate Celtic Love Symbol

For many people, the trinity knot is the epitome of Celtic art and culture. With a history steeped in the folklore of the Emerald Isle, the intricate “Triquetra” design is the ultimate Celtic love symbol. In this article, we take a look at the meaning, history, and relevance of the trinity knot. Great design will […]

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Irish rings

The History of Celtic Jewellery

The history of Celtic symbols is as enigmatic as the designs that adorn Celtic Jewellery pieces. It is a history shrouded in the mists of time, jewellery pieces that feature Celtic design have a mystery and beauty that no other design can compete with. The origins of Celtic jewellery possibly date back as far as […]

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