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The History of Celtic Jewellery

Posted in Jewelry on July 2, 2022.

The history of Celtic symbols is as enigmatic as the designs that adorn Celtic Jewellery pieces. It is a history shrouded in the mists of time, jewellery pieces that feature Celtic design have a mystery and beauty that no other design can compete with.

The origins of Celtic jewellery possibly date back as far as 2,000 BC. In a world where fleeting changes in fashion come and go rapidly, there can be no other design with such an enduring appeal.

In this article, we take a look at the history of this highly sought-after jewellery and look at how Celtic design is the perfect artform for Celtic rings, engagement & wedding rings, Celtic pendants, Celtic bracelets, Celtic earrings, and much more.

Claddagh Rings – The Ultimate Symbol for all Generations

Romance, mystery, and symbolism, the Claddagh ring personifies everything magical about Celtic Jewellery. In true Irish style, the origins of the Claddagh ring are mysterious and veiled in folklore.

The folklore tells of a young man from Claddagh in the West of Ireland who is captured by pirates and enslaved. As the years pass, the young man dreams of home and his beloved sweetheart. While enslaved, he is trained as a goldsmith, and when he eventually returns to Ireland, he finds his sweetheart has waited for him.

The first Irish Claddagh rings were produced by the couple and feature a pair of hands holding a heart on which a crown is perched. The three components represent love, friendship, and loyalty, but the symbolism runs deeper than this. How the ring is worn denotes the relationship status of the wearer. To find out how to wear your Claddagh ring and see some beautiful examples of this iconic Celtic Jewellery, check out our Claddagh rings page.

The Meaning Behind the Famous Trinity Knots

The Trinity knot is one of the most famous of all Celtic artwork designs. This timeless design has its roots in the ancient religion of the Celtic tribes. It was said to represent the three stages of womanhood – Maiden, mother, and crone.

In more recent times, the Trinity knot was used to represent the holy trilogy of the Christian bible – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Regardless of your beliefs, the Trinity Knot has remained popular for millennia thanks to the simple yet stunning beauty of the design.

The Trinity knot can grace any jewellery piece and is a popular choice for both engagement and wedding rings.

The Shamrock – Representing the Spirit of Ireland and St. Patrick

It is hard to imagine a symbol that more represents Ireland and Irish heritage than the Shamrock. St. Patrick himself is said to be the inspiration behind the uptake of the Shamrock as a national symbol. Back in the fourth century, he is believed to have used the Shamrock as a method of educating the pagan Celts in the ways of Christianity.

Once again, it is the “number three” that is behind the tale. St. Patrick used the three leaves of clover to explain the holy trinity as he worked on converting the Irish to Christianity.

These days, the Shamrock is used extensively in a wide range of stunning Celtic Jewellery. Shamrock earrings and shamrock pendants are just two of the many types of jewellery pieces that feature stunning shamrock designs.

Let the Celtic Cross Lead you Through your Adventures

The Celtic cross is another unmistakable symbol of Ireland. With roots dating back to the 8th century and possibly earlier, it was said to be introduced to Ireland by early Christian missionaries, possibly by St.Patrick himself!

The Celtic Cross features a cross and a ring (or nimbus) and is often decorated with Celtic Symbols. Ancient examples can be found throughout the Celtic lands of Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and wearing the cross is said to bring good luck as you journey through life.

Again, it is the simple and ageless beauty of the Celtic Cross that has seen it remain ever popular as a jewellery design. Some beautiful examples can be found in our Celtic Cross Pendant collection.

The Tree of Life – Druids and Spirituality

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that was used by the Celts and Druids to represent wisdom, strength, and longevity. The tree of life was also used as a symbol of rebirth and the spirituality of life, death, and the emergence of new life.

For these reasons, trees were an important symbol for the ancient Celts. It is believed that the early Irish considered trees to be both the rebirth of their ancestors and a gateway to the afterlife.

The beauty of nature and the mysticism of the folklore behind the tree of life lend an aura that adds true spirituality to any jewellery piece that incorporates the tree of life.

Some examples of “tree of life” jewellery can be found on our pendants page.

Celtic Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Regardless of what form of Celtic design you love, there is barely a type that doesn’t lend it itself perfectly to an engagement or wedding ring. Love is a spiritual thing, and the deep-rooted spirituality of Celtic designs is the perfect complement to this.

From the beauty of symbolic Claddagh rings to rings that feature the simplistic beauty of the ancient Ogham alphabet, there is a huge range of Celtic Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands to choose from.

Celtic Earrings in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

Another form of jewellery that is perfect for displaying all forms of Celtic Design is earrings. A beautifully designed and skilfully crafted earring is perfect for showing off the Celtic Knot and Celtic Cross design, to mention just a couple of examples. Additionally, just about any Celtic design will work with different earring types, including stud and hoop.

Timeless Classics – Celtic Jewellery Epitomises Everything Perfect Jewellery Should Be

The enduring appeal of Celtic Jewellery could be put down to the fact that the designs that grace the pieces are as beautiful today as they were a millennium ago. This is certainly true. No design can last that long without being aesthetically beautiful.

But it’s more than just this. Celtic jewellery carries the history and folklore of Ireland with it in every single piece. There is something magical about wearing the art form of our ancestors that other pieces can’t compete with.

And if that special piece of jewellery is handcrafted in the land where it all began, then that adds an extra special touch of magic. Why not contact us today and find out more about our range of Celtic design jewellery handcrafted here in Ireland.