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What if I order the wrong ring size?

As many of our rings are handmade to order it is crucial that you give us the correct ring size. Handmade rings cannot be easily sized. Therefore there is a 30% charge if the ring has to be remade due to an incorrect ring size being provided. In such a case the customer will also incur the return shipping charges.

However, this scenario can be easily avoided by following the guidelines below. Here are some guidelines to follow to be sure you're ordering the correct size:

1. We suggest that you have your finger sized a few times as most fingers tend to get slightly larger on warm or hot days and on cold days the fingers are usually smaller

2. We suggest that you have your finger sized by a professional jeweller in a reputable jewellers, or by someone who has a lot of experience in sizing fingers

3. Most reputable jewellers should have three sets of ring keys; a very narrow set around 2.5mm wide; a medium set, around 3.5mm; and a very large set around 7.00mm wide. So if you are ordering a ring that is 7.00mm wide it is important that you have your finger sized with a large set of keys (eg the 6.75mm wide keys). If you are ordering a ring which is 4.0mm wide you should have your finger sized with a set of medium ring keys, and if the ring you are ordering is a narrow ring (e.g. 2.0mm wide) your finger should be sized with the 2.5mm wide ring keys. Please ensure that your jeweller uses the correct keys. You must also ask the jeweller if the size he is giving you is LEADING EDGE size (the edge of the ring lies at exactly the line of say 12)or he is giving you CENTRE SIZE (the ring is a 12 in the centre of the ring) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We want to get the finger size correct the first time it is up to you to get the correct finger size, we cannot do it for you and we cannot be responsible for incorrect sizing .We have given as much advise as we can so it is best to get it right. 

What if my jewelry is damaged when I receive it?

If the goods you receive from us are damaged in any way please return them within 14 days of your receipt of the goods for a replacement or a full refund but you must inform us immediately that you have received damaged goods and we will issue you with a returns number before you send back the goods. PLEASE READ REFUND POLICY.

Returns Policy

When you purchase a piece of our jewelry you have the right to return the item unused and in its original packaging within 20 days for a full refund if the item has not been made or sized especially for you. The cost of the return shipping is the full responsibility of the customer and so you will be liable to pay the return shipping costs.

Change of mind

If for some reason (other than a manufacturing fault or bad workmanship) you decide that you do not like the piece of jewelry it can be returnted. However there is a 20% charge on any item that was made or sized especially for you and that includes ALL wedding bands, Celtic rings and the gold Claddagh rings.

All these rings, although on our website are not STOCK items. They are all made to order and most are not possible to resize so it means that we are stuck with them in a case where you decide that you don't like them. This is the same for any item that is custom made to order anywhere in the world.

Family seal rings and Ogham rings CANNOT be exchanged at all for any reason.

You should inspect your item of jewelry as soon as you receive it and report any damage or loss to us immediately. We are obliged to rectify the problem once we have satisfactorily established that the item has been damaged. We will then replace the item for you. All products should be returned to:

C. Clarke
7 Royal Hibernian Way
Dawson St
Dublin 2

Please write 'repair' on the outside of the packet and please ensure that the item is insured by you before you mail it.



We carry stock of most items that are on our site. However, some items such as wedding bands have to be specially made and will take 21 - 28 days to have made and hallmarked. Also some Celtic rings with patterns have to be made as they cannot be sized. These will also take 21 - 28 days and also gold Claddagh rings with patters and gemstones.

If we find that there will be a delay in getting your order to you we will contact you immediately to let you know.

We offer the following delivery methods:

Delivery Method


Delivery Time

Registered Airmail


5 - 8 Days depending on delivery address

Fed-Ex Courier Service

$26 - USA & Canada
$28 - Europe
$75 - Rest of World

1 - 2 days


Taxes & Duties

All the prices on our site are quoted without the Irish Value Added Tax (VAT) which is 23%. This tax will be automatically added to your bill if the jewelry is to be delivered within the European Union. If there are any other local duties or charges payable these are the responsibility of the customer. We have no control over any customs charges anywhere in the world so if you have any query about customs or duties you have to contact your own government offices.

The customs regulations are different for every country. You will have to check with your own customs office to find out if you will be liable for customs or duty. If you are sending back an item for repair kindly state "Repair Item" on the outside of the packet or customs label or else we may not receive the item back as it will go to the Irish Customs to get charges added.

Does the item come packaged?

Yes, all our jewelry is sent in a beautiful presentation box and you will also receive details on our "How to care for you jewelry" leaflet. We strongly advise you to read this leaflet. We will mark the parts that apply to your item of jewelry.

How do I order if I do not want to give my details over the Internet?

If you would prefer to speak to us, please do not hesitate to phone us from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday (Greenwich Mean Time). Our number is 0035316777161 However we cannot take any payments over the phone all payments have to paid through the secure website . You can pay by PAYPAL or Stripe. 


Our site is 3D secure this means it is very secure and protects againist fraud so your own bank will direct you to a safe secure site to enter your passwords/passcodes etc., that only you know before the payment will be passed on to us and the order will go through. Also many credit card companies now will not pass a payment in a foreign country unless you inform them that you are purchasing something in that country. We cannot inform your bank you have to do that yourself.


You can pay by bank draft if you wish but the cheque has to clear before we can send the goods. The cheque has to be made out to DESIGNER JEWELLERY LTD.

Carol Clarke
7 Royal Hibernian Way
Dawson St
Dublin 2

What guarantee does Carol Clarke Jewellers give?

All of our jewelry is made with a very high standard of quality and workmanship and created with great care by skilled craftsmen. However if you are not satisfied with your purchase which is a standard stock item simply return it within 14 days for a replacement or a full refund. This does not affect your statutory rights. However, if the items has been made especially for you , sized especially for you, designed especially for you, engraved especially for you then we do not offer any refund on these items and this is standard pratice around the world . Read REFUNDS section.

All our jewelry has been hallmarked in Dublin Castle Assay Office which is your guarantee of the gold's quality. It is against the law in Ireland to sell any item of gold, platinum or silver jewelry without the official Assay stamp.

Are my Credit Card details safe?

All credit card numbers are encrypted when the order is placed using secure 128 bit encryption. Our site is 3D SECURE this means that it is very secure and you will need to know your passcodes etc., as your own credit card company will ask you to fill in all these details before it will pass the payment on to us .

Many credit card companies in the USA will not pass a payment in Ireland unless you inform them that you are going to buy something in Irleland. You have to do this yourself. We cannot do this for you .