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The Harp – Ireland’s Iconic Symbol Explained

Posted in Jewelry on September 22, 2022.

The Harp is an ancient musical instrument which has also become an iconic symbol of Ireland. Indeed, the Harp has the honour of being the official symbol of Ireland, despite many people believing that it is the shamrock that holds this distinction.

This versatile symbol has graced much of what Ireland is famous for – You can’t write about the Irish harp symbol without mentioning Guinness! But it is also present on the Irish Passport, currency, and as the official symbol of the Irish President.

It is also one of the most frequently used symbols in beautiful Celtic and Irish jewellery designs.

A Symbol of Ireland – The Harp

Let’s start this section with an interesting fact – The official Irish Harp symbol always features a left-facing harp. Whereas the Guinness version of the symbol features a right-facing harp!

This novel fact arose because when the state went to register the Harp as the national trademark, they found that Guinness had beaten them to it! Guinness registered the right-facing Harp back in 1862. This left the state only able to register left-facing harps as the symbol of Ireland.

The Irish Harp – A Royal History

The history of the Harp as an Irish symbol goes back a surprisingly long way. The harp symbol is based on a harp design known as a Brian Boru Harp. Brian Boru is known as the last High King of Ireland and was known as a fine harp player. He was also a strong supporter and patron of the arts in Ireland.

One of the oldest surviving medieval harps is named after him and is the epitome of the harp design that we know and love today. The Harp, which is on display in the Long Room Library in Trinity College, Dublin, is one of three of the most ancient surviving harps. The other two are the Lamont Harp and the Queen Mary Harp.

Why the Irish Harp makes the perfect jewellery piece

Most trademarks and symbols evolve over time as tastes change. There are very few symbols that remain unchanged, but the Irish Harp is one such example. The timeless nature of the Irish Harp is part of its enduring appeal. But it is also simpler than this.

The Irish Harp is a design classic that remains relevant because it is aesthetically beautiful, meaningful, and relevant. These attributes make it the perfect choice for many forms of Irish and Celtic jewellery, like our wonderful Harp Pendants.

Summing up – The Irish Harp – More than just music to your ears!

Harp music is gentle, enchanting, emotional, and ageless. The same sentiments can be applied to jewellery that incorporates this symbol. Jewellery should be more than just a pretty thing. The Irish Harp gives meaning, history, and a touch of ancient mystique that brings jewellery to life.

Perfect in any precious metal, including gold and silver, jewellery featuring the Irish Harp is a perfect gift for a loved one. Or for that extra-special treat to yourself.

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