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The History and Meaning of The Celtic Tree of Life

Posted in Jewelry on October 27, 2022.

One of the Celtic design classics that can be incorporated into stunning jewellery pieces is the Celtic Tree of Life.

This is a design that manages the feat of being complex and simple simultaneously. Of course, it is beautiful too. It is this mix of attributes that makes it a perfect design to adorn any classic Celtic jewellery piece.

What is the Celtic Tree of Life Design

Innumerable cultures throughout world history have had designs that feature a “tree of life” concept. The true origins of the Celtic Tree of Life remain shrouded in folklore and myth. However, the origins of the design likely evolved from an earlier Norse legend called Yggdrasil.

In Norse history, the Yggdrasil is known as the world tree. The Norse and Celtic cultures have an intertwined history, and the Celts likely adopted their tree of life from this legend. In Norse legend, Yggdrasil was said to be the source of all life.

The Celtic Tree of Life has a meaning that closely mirrors this myth.

What does the Celtic Tree of Life look like?

This is a versatile design, but all variations of Celtic Tree of Life designs stay true to a central premise. At the heart of the design is a tree (usually portrayed as an oak tree) with spreading branches and a broad root system.

The really clever part of many designs is their symmetry. In these types of designs, the root system and branch systems are identical, so if the design is flipped by 180°, it looks the exact same.

The Meaning of the Tree of Life Design

Historically, trees have played an important part in the Celtic culture.

Their strength and majesty were seen as symbols of life force and endurance. Such was the importance of the tree as a cultural symbol that it is thought that the Celts believed trees contained the spirits of their forbearers.

The symbol is found throughout the Celtic culture. And alongside that other Celtic design classic – the Trinity Knot – the Tree of Life meaning is believed to be based on the number three.

This number has a particular significance in Celtic culture. It is said to represent the three stages of life, among other things. In this case, the tree of life is said to represent birth, death, and reincarnation.

The Celtic Tree of Life as a Jewellery Piece

Beauty, mysticism, and meaning are all combined in one stunning design concept. These attributes and the versatility of the design make it the perfect choice that works with any jewellery piece.

Common jewellery pieces that feature a Celtic Tree of Life design include:

The Final Word on the Celtic Tree of Life

Rich with meaning and history, the symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life makes it a perfect design for adding that little touch of mystique and meaning to any jewellery piece.

Taking its inspiration from nature and the mysteries of life, this ageless classic is the perfect design for that personal piece or as a gift for a loved one.

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