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Famous Jewellery Collectors You Didn’t Know About

Posted in Jewelry on February 24, 2022.

How many pieces of jewellery do you own? While most people’s jewellery collections are limited, collecting jewellery may be an interest and a hobby for some. Like collections of stamps or maps, collecting jewels is a time-taking process. The process takes continued interest and investment in jewels. Rare jewellery collector cliques are small since the vocation requires a good amount of cash.

Jewellery collection doesn’t only involve buying jewels. Jewels are often inherited or attained as a result of gifts. During the 20th century, jewellery items were exchanged among dignitaries as tokens of thanks.

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Let’s find out more about some famous jewellery collectors.

Queen Elizabeth II

The British Crown owns a large number of jewels. The Queen’s collection comprises rare jewels, including the stellar Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara and the Imperial State Crown. While Queen Mary bought the Duchess Tiara from Duchess Vladimir, the Imperial State Crown was passed on to Queen Elizabeth from George VI. The most valuable of these items are stored in the Tower of London.

Kazumi Arikawa

Kazumi Arikawa of Albion Art has a massive collection of 800 jewels. When Forbes recently covered him, his collection had some of the most jaw-dropping jewels stored. The jewels owned by the company include the Hellenistic Gold Tiara, the Wurttemberg Topaz and the Apollo Intaglio.

Lily Safra

Brazilian philanthropist Lily Safra is one of the most famous jewel collectors. Safra is believed to be a fan of Joel Rosenthal. American jeweller Rosenthal operates outlet JAR in Paris. His pieces of jewellery are exquisite and rare.

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Wallis Simpson

Of all jewel collectors, it is Wallis Simpson who was featured in Stefano Papi’s book “Famous Jewel Collectors”. Simpson had an extensive collection of jewels. Most of these jewels were received as a gift from her husband and the many social circles she was a part of. Her exotic collection of jewels includes the emerald ring in yellow gold and the Cartier tiger brooch.

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