4 Ways to Coordinate Jewellery with Your Outfit

Posted in Jewelry on December 3, 2021.

Now that you can finally visit pubs and restaurants again, it’s time to brush up on your dress-up skills.

Spending all that time during lockdowns in your regular clothes probably made you want to accessorize more than ever. If you’re finally planning on heading out soon, make sure your fashion makes a bold statement. All these outfits and accessorizing ideas have been running through your head, so why not bring them to life?

Don’t worry about going overboard, though, because these tips will help you find the best ways to coordinate your jewellery with your outfits.

1. Consider the Occasion

The most important aspect of dressing up is always considering the occasion. Are you going out to have lunch with your friends, a dinner date with your partner, a party at the nightclub, or to work at the office? You’ll dress differently for every occasion, and your jewellery should reflect that too.

For professional events, you’ll want to avoid wearing dangling or flashy jewellery and stick to the dainty pieces. For parties and date nights, do the opposite! Just take a moment to think, “Is this jewellery appropriate for where I’m going?” and accessorize accordingly.

2. Pair Simple with Bold

If your outfit is somewhat plain and doesn’t have a lot going on, then that’s the perfect opportunity for you to let your jewellery do the talking!

You can pair bold and eccentric jewellery with simple outfits for contrast and vice versa. If you feel like the outfit you’ve picked out is already too “busy,” then opt for dainty, barely-there jewellery items.

3. Experiment with Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours! This is where basic knowledge of colour theory will come in handy.

You can use colours to make a statement. You can try out complementary colours, like pairing a mainly green outfit with bright red gemstone jewellery. You can also try analogous colours, like pairing a mainly blue outfit with teal gemstone jewellery. The options are endless!

4. Use Statement Pieces

If you feel like your outfit isn’t making the fashion statement you want it to, pair it with statement jewellery instead!

You can choose unique designs and styles of jewellery to wear. You can start by exploring different designs of Irish Celtic jewellery available online, such as Claddagh rings, traditional Irish necklaces, or even Ogham pendants. A statement jewellery piece isn’t just eye-catching, but also a conversation starter!

Stunning Statement Jewellery

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