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How To Wear The Claddagh Ring

A symbol of love steeped in tradition and folklore

The Claddagh ring has a history that is steeped in folklore and romanticism. Since the 17th Century, this unique and beautiful Celtic design has been associated with love and loyalty.

Irish Claddagh Ring Meaning

A Claddagh ring comprises three symbolic elements, and each has its own meaning – A crowned heart held by two hands - Symbolically, the heart represents love, the crown denotes loyalty, and the hands are a sign of friendship.

Hailing from the West of Ireland, the Claddagh ring is now popular throughout the world as a universal symbol of friendship and love.

Claddagh Ring History

The history of the Claddagh ring is obscured by the mists of time.

The mystery and folklore surrounding the design are a large part of its appeal. But what is known is that the clasped hand design dates back to Roman times and has always been seen as a symbol of trust and friendship.

Rings featuring this clasped hand design are classed as “fede” rings and have been closely associated with marriage, love, and loyalty for thousands of years.

The Claddagh ring originated in the 17th Century and, according to common belief, was designed by a Galway goldsmith named William Joyce. But the folklore tells a different tale, and the romanticism of the tale befits such a symbolic ring.

Claddagh Ring – The Folklore

The folklore tells the tale of a young man from Claddagh, a fishing village in Galway. The young man is sold into slavery, and during his years in captivity, he dreams of Claddagh and his lost love.

Over the years, he wonders whether his love would be waiting for him if he ever made it home. As time passes, he makes a ring out of gold pilfered from his master. This was the first-ever Claddagh Ring. When he finally made it back to Claddagh, his love was waiting for him, and the tradition of the Claddagh ring was born.

Perhaps the young man’s name was William Joyce? It would be nice to think so.

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring can be worn by anyone - single, engaged, or married people can all wear a Claddagh Ring. However, one unique feature of this beautiful ring is that the way it is worn is different depending on the status of the wearer.

The Claddagh Ring

   1. Single: Wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing outward from your body

The Claddagh Ring

   2. In a Relationship: Wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing inwards

The Claddagh Ring

   3. Engagement: Wear the ring on the lift hand on the third finger with the heart pointing outwards

The Claddagh Ring

   4. Wedding ring: Wear the ring on the lift hand on the third finger with the heart pointing inwards

The Claddagh ring is as versatile as it is beautiful - folklore, symbolism and tradition merge to make a beautiful piece that anyone can enjoy wearing.

Irish Jewel – Upkeeping the Tradition of the Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring is unlike any other. It is a jewellery piece shrouded in folklore and carrying a rich history obscured by the mists of time. At Irish Jewel, we are proud to carry on the traditions of our ancestors, and the Claddagh Ring represents a huge part of this heritage.

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Enjoy wearing your Claddagh Ring. With our compliments, Carol Clarke Jewelry, Dublin


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