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Ways to Express Your Heritage Through Your Styling

Posted in Jewelry on January 31, 2022.

Your clothes and accessories can be an excellent way for you to represent your heritage. The Irish green, for example, is a distinguished colour in its own right. It’s the green of shamrock sprigs. It stands as a potent symbol of Irish nationalism.

Irish Fashion Today

Irish fashion has evolved over the years. If anything, it has become more casual and easy-going for many. The flat cap is worn by many non-Irish people and continues to be a part of Irish fashion clothing.

The same goes for the incredible kilt print. Kilts aren’t that popular among commoners now. They are a part of traditional Irish clothing worn during special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day parades. Kilt print, however, continues to feature on caps and jackets. Kilt print leggings are also quite popular among women.

Trinity Brooches

Trinity brooches look good with all casual and semi-formal dresses. They come in a range of shapes and sizes. A silver trinity knot brooch will look fashionable on all shades of white. This brooch can be pinned on the shoulder or higher up on the collar bone.

You can also go with matching Trinity knot rings and Celtic pendants. Delicate trinity knot rings will suit semi-formal dresses the best.

The Irish Shawls

Many of us don’t know that woollen shawls were once a trend in Ireland for the kind of fierce pride they exuded. Photos of the 19th and 20th-century Irish women depict shawls of subtle colours worn by women around their shoulders.

Stores in Ireland still sell Galway shawls. These shawls continue to have symbols of Irish nationalism to them. The heart on Galway shawls represents love and warmth. The heart also features in the symbolism of Claddagh rings. To buy exquisite Claddagh rings as a fashion accessory, visit our store in Dublin or explore our jewellery collection on our website.

Here are some ways you can express your heritage through your clothing:

Shamrock Print Dresses

At St. Patrick’s Day parade, you spot many women wearing bright green shamrock skirts and t-shirts. The best part about a shamrock print is that it blends well with blue and white. So, if you’re wearing a printed shamrock t-shirt with casual denims, you are still looking chic.

The same goes for your shamrock skirts. Pair them with plain tees to make their green pop out.

Our shamrock earrings will look gorgeous with your shamrock dress.

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