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The Claddagh Ring and Famous People

Posted in Claddagh Ring on November 20, 2020.

There are many famous people all over the world that wear a Claddagh Ring today. The Claddagh Ring has gained great momentum over the years with the vast reach of the Internet. People visit our Store in Dublin City Centre arriving from countries as far away as outer Mongolia and O’ahu island looking to buy a Claddagh ring which just goes to show how far and wide the story has travelled.

It is a nice story and a romantic meaning which appeals to people all over the world, every person loves a good love story and the claddagh ring tells such a story. There were over two hundred Claddagh rings alone recovered after the 9/11 disaster which just goes to show the amount of people that were wearing a Claddagh ring in just one building on just one day. Many people thought that they would be able to recognise their loved one by their Claddagh ring but there were just too many rings to match up in the rubble… is so sad.

Celebrities and The Claddagh Ring

There are many high-profile celebrities that have a Claddagh ring and so it is hard to know where to start. I think in more recent times in 2014 it was big news when Kim Kardashian came to Ireland for a short stay after her wedding in Italy. Apparently, her husband Kanye West bought her a Claddagh ring as a gift of his love for her and she was thrilled with the ring and the meaning of it.

Movie Stars and The Claddagh Ring

Daniel Day Lewis

Then we have numerous Irish actors and actresses who wear Claddagh rings. Daniel Day Lewis who was born in the UK but lives in Ireland and has played numerous Irish roles in movies. Daniel always wears his rather large Claddagh ring which is on his wedding ring finger.

Gabriel Byrne

Then we have the famous Gabriel Byrne who was born in Dublin and became a very famous ‘Hollywood’ actor and was the lead in many famous films like ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Millers Crossing’ and he makes no bones of showing his Irishness as he has a massive old style claddagh ring on his right hand most of the time including one time he came in to my shop.

The Claddagh Ring and Gabriel Byrne

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow is another famous actress of Irish descent and at one time came to live in Ireland with her whole family. Mia had a famous actress mother who appeared in many movies too. Mia can also be seen wearing her claddagh ring in many different photographs.

Music and The Claddagh Ring


We also have very famous Irish rock stars who like to wear the Claddagh ring such as Bono from U2.

Walt Disney

If we go back a bit further one can see photos of the late Walt Disney wearing his rather large Claddagh ring on his right hand. His grandparents originated from Ireland and he was apparently very proud of his Irish roots too so always wore his ring.

Oasis and Jim Morrison

Other famous musicians that wear a Claddagh Ring are the UK pop singers the Gallagher’s, both Liam and Noel who have parents that hail from Ireland can always be seen wearing their Claddagh rings with style.

Then we have the late Jim Morrison who was the lead singer with the Doors who apparently exchanged Claddagh rings with his then girlfriend in a ceremony of commitment of love in the 1960s

US Presidents and The Claddagh Ring

John F Kennedy

Then we have all the numerous Irish American Presidents who all hail from Ireland with either grandparents or great great grandparents coming from some or another part of Ireland. The most famous of these being the late President John F Kennedy who came to Ireland with Jackie Kennedy in 1963 and who my dear late Mum was so happy to meet. The Kennedys bought a pair of lovely Claddagh rings in Galway when they were on a visit to the city and John could be seen to wear his ring all the time after that.

Ronald Regan & Bill Clinton

The late President Ronald Regan whose family hailed from County Tipperary was presented with a Claddagh ring on his visit to Ireland in 1984 and was seen wearing it all the time after that visit. And then we have President Bill Clinton who claims his ancestors came from Ireland and came to visit in 1995 and was presented with a lovely Claddagh ring which he still wears today.

Final Word….

We also have the famous Jennifer Aniston who exchanged Claddagh rings with her then boyfriend Tate Donovan to celebrate their anniversary of love. And the actress Angel who presented a Claddagh ring to Buffy in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer that ran from 1997 to 2003 and which gave great publicity to the famous Claddagh ring all over the world.

There are lots and lots of famous people that wear a Claddagh ring and one we just recently made a ring for but cannot say!  So why don’t you too buy a CLADDAGH RING for one of your loved ones. The meaning of the Claddagh ring is Love, Loyalty and Friendship….what could be nicer than that?

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