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Reason for The High Demand for Handmade Jewellery

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2022.

Jewellery making is an art. Experts over the years learn and train in the field to manufacture quality ornaments. Jewellery making has come a long way, with machines taking over the process. Does that mean jewellery isn’t made by experts anymore? Handmade jewellery is different from machine-made jewellery. Machine-made jewellery has identical cuts since a single machine is used to cut minerals and stones.

All That’s Good About Handmade Jewels

Handmade jewellery rarely has similar designs. The reason is that it’s customized from customer to customer. Machine-made jewellery can be made of different metals stamped together, but that’s not usually the case for handmade jewellery. Plus, the precision in handmade jewellery takes hours of intense labour. Machine-made jewellery is said to have less personality than a handmade piece.

Artistry for high-quality stones takes much time. At our store in Dublin, we design handmade customized jewellery items for our customers. The designing and manufacturing of handmade items can take about two to three weeks. However, the end product is the most rewarding in terms of look, appeal, and texture.

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Can You Tell Between Machine-made and Handmade Jewellery?

Handmade jewellery seldom has identical pieces. You can find minute differences between cuts and shapes even within jewellery of the same collection. Machines allow jewellers to produce uniform designs since most fabricating processes are machine-assisted.

Since handmade jewellery requires artistic expertise over jewellery designing and manufacturing, it is more expensive than machine-made jewellery.

Here’s all that adds to the worth of handmade jewellery.

The Years of Experience

To manufacture a ring from scratch, you need more than stones. Jewellery artisans spent years learning the craft. Jewellery designing, adding stones, casting metals take much practice and continued effort. It’s only after a good deal of experience that professional jewellery makers add finesse to their creations.

The Irish and Celtic jewellery we have at our store uses different techniques. We have engraved pendants, stone cutwork jewels and carved jewels of different stones. The task needs a great deal of focus during the designing and manufacturing phase.

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Designing handmade jewellery is a weeks-long process since designing, manufacturing and polishing the jewellery takes time. In the case of high-quality stones like sapphire and diamond, you also need approvals from higher government officials. There can also be delays in their procurement.

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