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Items to Add to Your Irish Jewellery Collection

Posted in Jewelry on December 16, 2021.

Irish jewellery is as unique as Irish gold. The Irish have known gold since the 3rd millennium Bronze Age. There was a time when Ireland was rich in gold ores. They’ve known the art of jewellery making ever since too. If we make a quick guess at what you’re Irish jewellery collection might have today, we really can’t go beyond Shamrock pendants worn for Saint Patrick’s Day.

If you’re of Irish descent living somewhere away from home, you might have a slight idea about the symbolism and lore of Claddagh rings.

Or, if you have a Claddagh engagement ring, why not complete it with a Claddagh fixed in a Celtic DNA necklace to have a complete set. We are jewellery makers in Ireland who customise jewellery for you. You can either purchase a Claddagh-DNA necklace from our website or have us design a completely different piece for you.

Your Irish jewel collection is incomplete if you don’t have the following items to it:

Ogham Rings

Ogham or Ogum is an Irish alphabet of the earliest time that stands symbolic of the Irish language. Language plays a primary role in setting cultures apart. Ogham rings symbolise exactly that—the beginning of a new culture with a new alphabet.

Ogham pendants are also quite trendy, but Ogham rings look the best in silver. You can shop it from our online store or visit us in Dublin, Ireland. Do check out other jewellery pieces if you already have an ogham ring.

Shamrock Pendants

17th March is when you get to see Irishmen, Celts, and Irish culture enthusiasts sport shamrock pendants in the most diverse colours, textures, and shapes. Shamrock is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day. It is widely believed that St. Patrick used it to symbolise the Holy Trinity.

The green of the sprig goes well with the official colour of Ireland. Shamrock pendants come in many sizes. They’re usually simple, but you can get them customised if you want to add stones to them.

Tree of Life Bangle

One of the most important emblems of Irish culture, the Tree of Life, symbolises the three best virtues of living:

  1. Faith
  2. Strength
  3. Stability and Coherence
Iris traditional Jewellery

It’s iconic in terms of its representation of the entire Irish culture. These three virtues are what Ireland is and represents.

Since the Tree of Life bangle is quite broad, it’ll look good without other ornaments. You’re missing out on an important Irish symbol if you don’t have this one.

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