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Everything About Claddagh Rings

Posted in Claddagh Ring on February 16, 2022.

No wedding, engagement, proposal is complete without partners exchanging rings! It’s almost natural for us to ask newlywed couples to show us their rings. But, why has exchanging rings become such an unavoidable custom of our weddings? Why can’t we do without it?

Exchanging rings goes hand in hand with exchanging vows. All rings, no matter the metal or the stone, are circular. The circle is a well-known symbol of eternity. The first rings, worn by Egyptian pharaohs, were scarab rings. Scarab rings had sculptures of the scarab with some inscriptions on them. Scarabs are species of dune beetle representative of the land of Egypt.

Apart from the beetle, the serpent is a popular symbol for ancient rings and jewellery. Since the serpent sheds its skin, serpent jewellery symbolizes death, rebirth and rejuvenation. These rings are still popular among wearers.

Most cultures have rings symbolic of their beliefs. Irish traditional rings imitate aspects from their diverse Irish culture. The Irish Claddagh rings have a tradition and history of their own.

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The History

The Irish Claddagh ring was developed on a fishing farm in the 17th century. A Claddagh has the detailed symbolism of two hands holding a heart. The heart stands raised in the hands with the crown on top. The Claddagh symbolizes people working towards upholding love, the highest known virtue. The ring symbolizes cooperation, love, respect and trust.

These rings are produced on a large scale in Galway, a city of Ireland.

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Claddaghs for Weddings

The Claddagh is said to have been made by a fisherman as a lasting tribute to his beloved. The ring became famous for weddings keeping its symbolism of love authentic.

Fede Rings

The Claddagh is also associated with the Fede Rings (Faith Rings). The Roman tradition described faith rings to have two hands clasped as a symbol of love, friendship and trust.

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