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Posted in Celtic Rings on November 23, 2020.

The Celtic people and the symbols they used in their everyday lives are deep-rooted in different legends and stories that have been carried on for a long time. The Celtic people lived mainly in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern France and Ireland.

For the Celtic people, nature and the seasons became their Gods and controlled much of their lives. The Celts believed that the forces of nature were God-like, which is how Celtic symbolism began and continued through the ages.

Today Celtic symbols are used to connect to our ancestors and history. They look very cool and are part of many pieces of jewelry today, especially in Ireland. We have been making a Celtic ring in our workshop in Dublin for the past forty years. Celtic art comprises many different types of knots and weaves, and here are just a few of them that Irish Jewel use in making our Celtic jewelry today.


The Celtic Ring – SOLOMON’S  KNOT

This Celtic knot is supposed to symbolise the union of the divine and man. There is no beginning or end to this design which also makes it a symbol of immortality, and if you look closely, there are two entwined abstract figures which make this knot symbolise ‘Love’ – The love between two people.

Solomon’s Knot Celtic Ring Symbol

BOWEN KNOT from Irish Jewel

The Bowen knot was known as the ‘heraldic knot’. It comprises a rope in a continuous loop in a square shape with a loop at each corner. So there is no start or finish to this design, and this knot is known as the ‘true lovers knot’.

Bowen Knot Celtic Symbol


This knot is one of the most famous symbols and is also known as the ‘Triquetra’. In Celtic times, it represented the air, earth and water; in Christian times came to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and today, for the New Agers, it is the symbol of birth, life and death all in one. The Trinity can be seen with or without an inner circle and is frequently seen in the famous ‘Book of Kells’ in Trinity College, Dublin. We use the Trinity Knot design in many designs, from the smallest rings to the largest pendants.

Trinity Knot Celtic Ring


The Sailors knot comprises a four-pointed knot with two loops that are intertwined. As the Celtic sailors left home, they wove knots to remind them of the people they left behind and did not want to forget. This knot is said to symbolise eternal love, and we use this symbol a lot in our Celtic wedding ring range.

The Sailors Knot Celtic Ring Design


This very ancient Celtic knot is known as the real Celtic knot. The sides of the symbol represent earth, water and fire and the continuous line, as believed, represents love, unity and eternal life which has a great meaning for a wedding ring or engagement ring.

Triskeles Celtic Love Knot


The Tree of Life has become so popular in the past few years; however, it is an ancient Celtic symbol representing nature, harmony with nature, balance in nature, and even life, birth and death and reincarnation. This tree decorates a lot of our Celtic jewelry. Today the tree represents our uniqueness, development and individual beauty. The branches of a tree grow upwards towards the sky, and we too grow stronger, striving for more knowledge, wisdom and experiences as we move through life.


The Celtic people had their own mythological dragon. In a lot of Celtic artwork, one can find a dragon with his tail in his mouth which was supposed to symbolise the life cycle of nature and immortal power and energy with no beginning and no end in the design. It was also the symbol of wisdom and fertility. The Celts believed that the dragons were powerful and symbolised the chieftain. We use a lot of dragon symbols in our jewelry today.


The Celtic stag was a significant symbol as it controlled the welfare of the wearer and many Celtic warriors had this symbol painted on their chests before they went into battle. The stag gave them protection from being killed. They believed the stag was powerful, fast and agile, representing the energy in nature and how it is self-regenerating. In addition, they believed it represented forest, while its antlers were like the branches of a tree that the stag carried around on its head. We use a lot of stag designs in our Celtic brooches too.

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