4 Best Occasions to Gift a Locket

Posted in Jewelry on December 13, 2021.

Memorable pictures, handwritten notes, pressed flowers — what can’t you put inside a locket?

Lockets are a truly unique style of jewellery. They’ve been used to store items of sentimental value for thousands of years. From the early Victorians to modern British royalty, everyone understands the appeal of lockets and embraces it. You’ve probably even seen them in old films!

These innovative jewellery items may have become less popular over the years, but they continue to be highly valued by those who love all things vintage. They also make for the best gifts since you can use them as vessels to channel your love for someone.

Here are the best occasions for you to gift a locket to a loved one.

1. Christmas

There are only so many unique gift ideas you can come up with every Christmas. So, here’s a new one: gift your loved one a Celtic locket!

You can find a silver or gold locket which encompasses the spirit of Christmas online. There are jewellery designers out there who inscribe Christmas-themed designs onto the locket surface. These designs can include a tree, bells, or trinity knots. Gifting your loved one these lockets will be on-brand for the occasion and an extremely thoughtful gift.

2. Birthday

A birthday is the most personal occasion a person can have. It only makes sense to gift your loved one something personalized on such a special day for them. You can buy a silver locket, oval-shaped locket, or any other Celtic Irish jewellery item from Irish Jewel. To make it personal for your loved one, add a picture of you two together inside it. You can also write them a lovely note and stick that inside the locket.

3. Anniversary or Valentine’s Day

Is there anything more romantic than gifting your partner a sentimental heart-shaped locket? Anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts are only meaningful if they’re intimate. That’s the best thing about lockets, you can make them intimate!

If you’re a collector or journal-keeping type of person, you must have some special small objects reminiscent of an experience you and your partner shared. This could be a piece of a ticket from your first movie date, pressed flowers from your first anniversary, or anything else of value that you could fit inside a locket.

4. St. Patrick’s Day

You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by gifting shamrock lockets to your loved ones. You can find a collection of Celtic Irish jewellery online. This collection also contains some stunning Claddagh lockets that will make for perfect St. Patrick’s Day gifts. You can also buy Celtic rings, Ogham pendants, and shamrock earrings.

Beautiful Celtic Lockets Online

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